Fire Up Your CNS Before Lifting

Tuesday, 05/15/2018

Use the Force. This is a great way to begin any lifting workout. The idea behind "rate of force development" is to do an exercise that's explosive in nature and that utilizes all of the body's major muscle groups. Doing an explosive exercise prior to lifting fires up your central nervous system...
Mastering The Strict Pull Up

Monday, 05/07/2018

We've all been guilty of cheating a pull-up. Some people kip, some do half reps, and others do that "swing" that looks suspiciously similar to a kip. If you want to test your true relative upper-body strength, master a strict pull-up.   This is a little more complicated than it first appears....
Learning The Handstand

Tuesday, 04/17/2018

The handstand is a lot of fun, and it can have some serious benefits for your core and shoulders. The  following tips will assist you with your handstand. Note: If you don't have healthy, mobile shoulders and a strong core you should not attempt a handstand.    Building from the Ground...
Pistol Squat Progressions

Tuesday, 04/10/2018

In order to do a successful pistol squat, you have to have a solid combination of mobility, strength, and balance. If you're looking to add this new exercise to your current routine, use the following strategies to perform this movement without getting injured.   Are You Ready to Pistol...
The Triphasic Method

Tuesday, 04/03/2018

In order to perform better as an athlete you not only have to be strong but you must be fast as well. Being able to move weight and move it fast is known as force. This comes from Newton’s second law; Force = mass x acceleration. Force can only be produced if it is stored or absorbed by the body...
Lifts for Improving Functional Strength

Wednesday, 03/21/2018

Developing functional strength does not need to be complicated or fancy. Movements that will give you real functional strength do two things.  They help you function better when doing normal life activities and they make you strong.    Everyone needs functional strength. In our opinion, there...
Better Back and Stronger Grip

Wednesday, 03/14/2018

It's deadlift day.  Your back hurts and your grip is giving out before anything else. How do you solve both problems without a lot of extra work or set-up time? You do the hang. Yep, it's as easy and as simple as it sounds. You just need to start hanging on stuff. When you perform a hang...
Unilateral Vs. Bilateral Training Which One Is Right for You?

Wednesday, 03/07/2018

For over a decade now, fitness professionals have been arguing about unilateral and bilateral training. As a refresher, unilateral means "one side" or "one limb." Think of a one-arm dumbbell bench press. Bilateral means using both arms, or both legs. Think of your standard barbell bench press or...
What Should I Eat?

Tuesday, 09/19/2017

The age old saying, “you are what you eat” is true. What you eat literally becomes you. The food we consume is used to create the cells in our bodies that allow us to function. What you put into your body is going to determine what your build looks like. In order to help you figure out what you...
Bulletproofing Your Lower Back

Wednesday, 08/30/2017

Your lower back is one of the most vulnerable areas in your lower body and injuring it will have an effect on everything you do. There is not a movement you perform that doesn’t involve your spine in some way, shape, or form. We recommend following our 5 step process below to help ensure your...