Get Your Press Up and Protect Your Back

Tuesday, 11/27/2018

The overhead press is a great way to build up the shoulders and triceps. One of the great things about it is that your rotator cuff must stay activated throughout the lift to stabilize the shoulder. That's why people who frequently add overhead pressing variations into their regimen have...
Skin the Cat for Better Mobility

Tuesday, 10/23/2018

One movement that will help you achieve both is the old-timey "skin the cat" exercise. This movement allows for a great shoulder stretch through a full range of motion, decompresses the spine, and serves as a great core strengthener.    Note: Using rings or a TRX-style setup allows for more...
The Complete Athlete Program

Tuesday, 10/09/2018

What do you think of when you envision the ideal athlete? You might imagine someone who is fast, agile, powerful, and strong. The ideal athlete you are picturing probably has a great physique which is both symmetrical and functional. Most of us have the goal to achieve an athletic body that has...
Spot Like A Pro

Tuesday, 10/02/2018

If you're a regular in the gym, it's only a matter of time before someone asks you for a spot. And nothing shows your inexperience more than not knowing how to spot properly.    Questions You Should Ask: How many reps are you going for? Would you like a lift-off? Do you want me to keep my...
Better Curls. Bigger Biceps

Tuesday, 09/04/2018

To get the most out of your curls, make sure you're not sabotaging yourself by making these three mistakes. Mistake 1: Dedicating An Entire Day To Biceps Generally, you should train your largest muscle groups first, followed by your smaller muscle groups. Your biceps are a smaller muscle group...
Terrible Two Squat Challenge

Tuesday, 08/28/2018

  How to Do It Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands behind your head. For the next two minutes, do this: First 15 seconds: Do as many squats as possible. Next 15 seconds: Hold the quarter squat position. Next 15 seconds: Hold a half-squat position. Next 30...
Tip: Do These Two Exercises Before You Lift

Tuesday, 08/21/2018

Olympic lifts are fantastic for developing full-body speed and power. Their drawback? Learning them requires a ton of time and energy. There's no such thing as a one-hour Olympic lifting crash course that'll make you proficient.   Luckily, there's a way to get many of the benefits of these...
20 Minute Fitness

Tuesday, 08/14/2018

If you are ever in a time crunch and only have 20 minutes to train, try performing the circuit below to get a killer workout!         Component   Warm-Up Muscle Activation   Rate of Force Development Circuit   Order and...
Seal Pushup Challenge

Tuesday, 08/07/2018

Since doing push-ups to infinity can get monotonous, it's always nice to add a bit of variety. This is where this challenge comes in. The Challenge Begin by performing one push-up, followed by one kneeling (no weight) vertical shoulder press. Next do two push-ups, followed by two kneeling...
Restore Mobility Through Your T-Spine

Tuesday, 07/31/2018

What's a T-Spine? Your thoracic spine sits between the cervical vertebrae in your neck and the lumbar vertebrae in your lower back. A healthy T-spine should be able to move forward, backward, and side to side, as well as rotate. This is not only important for everyday function, it's also vital...