Yoga Moves For Strong Lifters

Tuesday, 06/12/2018

Supplement Your Lifting with Yoga

Lifting is more fun than stretching. But sooner or later, you're going to need to stretch. At some point, mobility becomes an issue for every serious lifter.  Whether it's tight hips, an immobile thoracic spine, or frozen ankles, you'll come across restrictions that are limiting you from reaching your full potential. This is where yoga comes in.


To be truly strong and functional, you should be able to move freely throughout a full range of motion. Yoga not only increases your mobility, but your relative body strength and core stability as well.


A little yoga will open your hips, mobilize your T-spine, and stretch your calves. This will increase your strength because your body won't be fighting itself on all your lifts. It'll reduce your potential for injury since you'll be able to move freely.

Here's a quick hip-opening yoga sequence. Do it post workout while the muscles are still warm.

Relative Body Strength/Core Stability

Certain vinyasas or flow sequences can build a lot of core stability and teach you how to brace your core. Take for example going from downward facing dog to a forward fold. If done right, this movement can develop shoulder and core strength, as well as enhance kinesthetic awareness. Here are some examples:

How to Add a Little Yoga Into Your Warm-Up

You don't need to do a whole yoga session to reap its benefits. You can learn a few yoga flows and add them into your warm-up. Here's a quick example:

If you really need to work on your mobility, take a power yoga class on your off days. In a few weeks you'll be able to move more freely and will most likely see your lifts increase.