20 Minute Fitness

Tuesday, 08/14/2018

If you are ever in a time crunch and only have 20 minutes to train, try performing the circuit below to get a killer workout!  






Muscle Activation


Rate of Force Development



Order and Exercise


Band Pull-Aparts

Band Walks

Medicine Ball Slams

Back Squat


Inverted Row












Components of the Workout

                1. Active Dynamic Warm-Up (Approximate time: 6 Minutes)  
One thing to never forget about when crunched for time is your active dynamic warm-up. No matter how little time you have, this part of your workout should never be neglected. Failing to do a proper warm-up will lessen the results of your workout and could potentially lead to injury.

                2. Muscle Activation (Approximate time: 2 Minutes)

Once you have finished your ADW you should perform some sort of muscle activation. We recommend a few sets of band pull-aparts and some band walks to make sure the back and hips are activated properly to prevent injury to the shoulder and knee.

                3. Rate of Force Development (Approximate time: 2 Minutes)

The last thing you should do before you circuit train is rate of force development. Performing a few medicine ball slams wakes up their nervous system and allows you to get the most out of their session.

                4. Circuit – Back Squat, Pushups and Inverted Rows (Approximate time: 10 Minutes)

The actual workout consists of a circuit with three movements. These movements include as many sets as possible of 10 back squats, 10 pushups, and 10 inverted rows for 10 minutes. This style of training is great for muscular endurance as well as cardiovascular fitness. It creates balance in the body and ensures that you leave the gym feeling accomplished.