Performance Academy

Recommended for athletes ages 15+

Off-Season Performance Academy

Boost your speed, explosiveness, and agility during the off-season. Off-Season Performance Academy sessions are 90 minutes of next-level training where athletes will learn in-depth speed, agility, plyometrics, flexibility and injury prevention concepts.

With an individualized approach, we will help you develop both the physical and mental skills necessary to excel in your sport. Advanced-level strategies are utilized to sharpen a strong athletic foundation into optimal functionality.

The harder you work the smarter your recovery. A variety of techniques such as mobility, foam rolling, and stretching are also incorporated. The focus is to unlock the athlete’s full potential. The program is a comprehension of our regression and progression speed and strength methods. We always take the athlete’s ability, experience, goals and evaluation scores in mind in every class we coach!

In-Season Performance Academy

Want a competitive edge over the competition? In-Season Performance Academy are 60 minutes of strength workouts 2-3 times per week designed to keep your athlete fast, strong, and mobile during the sports season.

Don’t lose those gains from your off-season training. Our in-season program helps prevent the drop-off in strength and speed that typically happens when an athlete returns to sport. Our in-season plan is designed to keep you competing at its best and injury free!

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