Youth Evaluation


Until an athlete knows his or her current level of ability, it is impossible to realistically recommend programming, create goals and monitor progress. The Parisi Performance Evaluation is critical to every athlete in our program for four main reasons:


  • Assesses the current level of an athlete’s ability
  • Allows proper placement in our variety of programming
  • Provides individualized coaching and focus
  • Records and monitors progress toward success


The Parisi Performance Evaluation is mandatory for every athlete who enters our Youth Training program. During the evaluation, athletes are taught our signature Active Dynamic Warm-Up, are examined during our Running Analysis procedure, and tested in a battery of physical speed and strength movements. After the evaluation, a TPC Coach will review the results and select the appropriate program that fits the athlete’s needs. 


Evaluations consist of: 

  • 10 and 20 yard dash
  • Vertical Jump 
  • Broad Jump
  • 5 Hop
  • Pro Agility (5-10-5)
  • Chin Ups
  • 200 yard shuttle run


Evaluations last approximately one hour and must be scheduled in advance.   Reevaluations are included every 3 months.